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 Academics @ Liberty


     Liberty Baptist School works diligently to be an academically-advanced, college preparatory school. Accordingly, we encourage academic excellence in all classes in every grade. We firmly believe that you should be highly skilled in the major academic disciplines (science, history, mathematics, and language), and you should be well-rounded in the arts if desired. We also believe that you should be taught to read, write, and think well. "Liberty prepares you K through life!"

When you are properly trained in academics (taught from a Biblical perspective) you are better prepared to sort truth from error, and thus make wise decisions in all areas of adult life. Equipped with a solid Christian education, you will also be a better servant of both God and mankind.


 Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR'S)

E-Effective Communicators                                           

 who can demonstrate a high level of written and verbal skill necessary for working effectively.

A-Academic Achievers                                                     

who are able to pursue their college and career goals.

G-Godly in Character                                     

demonstrated by a recognition of God as the Creator, the Author of truth and the development of a Christian world view.


who are problem solvers, with moral strength, discernment and responsible citizenship built around a Christian world view.

E-Extracurricular Minded                                               

who contribute their time, energy and talents to improve the quality of life in our school and community, and respond to the needs of others.


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